Andalo Apartments

The buildings in Andalo

ViaCadin4       ViaPradel12       ViaPegorar10       ViaPegorar10a
           4 CADIN STREET             12 PRADEL STREET            10 PEGORAR STREET         10/A PEGORAR STREET


The town of Andalo extends smoothly in a sunny location in the green valley located between Mount Paganella - Gaza and the Brenta Dolomites in Western Trentino. The valley connects the Val di Non and the Giudicarie; in the center of it they settled in the Middle Ages the first settlers, settling in "farms" spread still recognizable despite the vigorous urban development of the town. Andalo is located in an average altitude ranging from 1000 to 1100 meters above sea level. The climate is temperate and cool in summer, typical of the Dolomite regions, while in winter the temperatures drop considerably, enabling the execution of many winter sports.